Nexx XWED2 PLAIN Motorbike Helmet (PINLOCK INCLUDED) -01XWE0120402000

  • £329.99

Nexx XWED2 PLAIN Motorbike Helmet (PINLOCK INCLUDED) -01XWE0120402000:

Nexx W.Wed2 is a well-designed adventure biking helmet with very good ventilation! It was based after their popular XD1 helmet and certainly matches it with it's cool smart features! The shell of the helmet is made with Nexx X-Matrix tech that creates a very strong yet still lightweight helmet! The inside of the helmet is made with Nexx X-Mart tech which allows to dry more than twice as fast as usual cotton whilst maintaing maximum airflow! Made in Portugal in Nexx's factory by skilled craftsmen and women as opposed to most helmets which are made in the far east.

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- X-Matrix shell - 3 different shell sizes - EPS in four sizes - X-Mart Dry quick-drying inner lining - Aerodynamically adjustable helmet peak - Cheek pads with Emergency Strap System - Chin part designed to reduce the risk of chest injuries. - Helmet peak extenders - Panorama field of view - Integrated sun visor - Double D-ring buckle - Reflective strips on sides, front and back of the helmet - 3D-shaped interior - Chin curtain - Several air intakes and exhausts - Prepared for Nexx X.Com 2 intercom - Mount for action camera on top and on the side